Sunday, July 10, 2011

the twenty-fourth blog

a spider was hanging on a web... kelvin says, "go get some toilet paper" r says, "i'll grab my saw to cut the web!!!" as r runs to grab his plastic black n decker saw, k runs and grabs toilet paper. r comes running back in and chops the web, leaving the spider clutching to the saw. k, returning to the kitchen with toilet paper is asked by her brother, "k, can you smush that?"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the twenty-third blog

common prayer around out table:

r: "thank you for this day. amen."
k: "thank you for this food! amen!"
b: "i love you, jesus. amen."

so cute... :)

b is potty training, i'm pretty sure that r and k have started peeing in the training potty too. that thing is filled way too often, and they quite often randomly run from the bathroom to wherever i am yelling, "b went potty! can we have candy?!"

i was playing a game yesterday while nursing f. i was doing okay--i suck at computer games. r and k were watching and asked to play when i was finished. "it's sort of an adult game..." they persisted and i set the timer. when the timer went off and i looked up, i saw that they had basically finished the entire game and had full bonus points for tagging everything they needed to... :/ they get it from their dad.

things my neighbour's have heard me yell:

"no! you CANNOT wipe your sister's bum!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the twenty-second blog

word world is now on netflix. the kids love it. the two following are related to the show, so if you haven't seen it, you may be lost :)

*picture the sheep*
r: where's my b-b-balloon?
me: don't talk like that.
r: w-w-why?

k comes into the kitchen, pushes a bunch of letter fridge magnets together, stands back and says, "it's not making anything!!"

---okay, out of word world funnies---

r, "i'm going to untie my balloon and fill it with water so it's a water gun!!"
me, "well, if you were to untie it, the air would come out"
r, "what's airwood?"

b seems to be getting confused about the song 'jesus loves me'. she's always called it 'jesus loves you', but when i've sung with her, has sang, 'yes, jesus loves me!'. today she started singing all on her own and sang 'yes, jesus loves you!'... kelvin and i are left to believe that b thinks jesus only loves mommy.

k: "does that make chocolate milk?"
me: "no, it makes coffee milk"
k: "why?"
me: "because coffee helps me. and prayer. prayer helps too."

Monday, June 6, 2011

the twenty-first blog

r was growling/roaring at f. f started to cry. k says, "r, stop that. f doesn't like lions or sharks!"

after a long morning, i'm sitting at the computer with my lunch. the kids are at the table. then k says, "why are you sitting over there?" i say, "because i just need a little space right now" r says, "well, there's lots of space over here!!"

there's a couple that live below us. the stairs that go down to the door are lined with my canning. i asked r if he could grab a couple of jars for dinner. he went down and came back up saying, "i can hear mike talking crazy down there!" if you know mike, it's no surprise, but it was still pretty funny :)

r was playing one of those "educational hand held electronics" (i'm not technologically savvy)he asks, "mom, how do i spell ova?" me: "uh... what word?" r: "OH-V-AH" me: "let me see that" (in my head "what the heck kind of game is this?!" "oooooh!!! ova-L!!"

b, age 2: "yes, jesus loves me! yes, jesus loves me... AND COOKIES!!! yes, jesus loves me, the bible tells me so"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the twentieth blog

wow. 20 posts!

i was nursing f and checking up on blogs when i realized my house was dead silent. not usual for a home with four preschoolers!! so i called out, "why is my house so quiet??" r came tiptoeing into with a sly smirk on his face and suspiciously answers, "nothing"... "nothing? show me 'nothing'. where was 'nothing'? k and b were reading books and i didn't find anything out of place. so, a mystery has begun. what were they really doing? what did they get into? what was with that guilty little smirk on r's face? when did my 2 and 3 year old start reading? are they just messing with me?

f, still swaddled from his short, usually interrupted night of sleep, was on my lap, nursing. generally, his diaper leaks. i have never met a baby before this guy who so often explodes out of his diaper. i had just sat him up, thinking to myself, "i should change his diaper in hopes of the next one catching the 'load' (now might be an opportunity to mention that my sweet angel takes a poo about every 1-2 hours. seriously) as i finish the thought, he pushes, the liquid, i-only-eat-breastmilk-squirts come rushing out of his diaper. because he's swaddled, i'm not concerned for my safety, but as i look down, his whole back is vibrating with the force it took to grunt out the liquid poo. and yes. he soaked through his pajamas and THREE layers of a thick fleecy swaddling blanket.

i was making pancakes when the kids came into the kitchen. r asks, "can we have strawberry jam and syrup?" i replied with, "no. you can have one or the other". k pipes up, "i want the other!!!" r says, "i want one!!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the nineteenth blog

quite often when my kids have done something bad, and i wasn't there to witness, i ask, "who did this?!" generally, r and k blame it on b. who is just 2 years old and can't defend herself. today i saw something gross (i won't go into detail because i'm too embarrassed!) laying on the floor in their bedroom. i had left it on their dresser (that's the embarrassing part). so i asked, "who pulled this down? and don't say b, because she's too small to reach it!!" r and k sat there quietly staring at me while b proudly looks up and says, "ME!!" scapegoat syndrome?

i took the kids to tim hortons the other day. on the screen behind the till, came an ad for the canucks. k sees it and says, "oh no!!!" they have the bad team on there!!" to which r finishes, "they need to have the oilers!!" i thought we were going to be jumped on our way out the door!

r is going into french immersion next year... so he keeps trying to speak in french. yesterday in the van, k says, "babies say waa waa. f says waa waa!!" r says, "but if he was french, he'd say [insert deep, growly voice] wee wee!!"

we took the kids for a hike to see some water falls. as it's early spring, the falls were extra big and spewing water EVERYWHERE. r told me, "that silly water fall keeps trying to clean my glasses!!"

the eighteenth blog

last week my organic quick oats disappeared...
i don't know who, what, where, when or why...
but i noticed they were gone
i planned a big search, but, in the world of four preschoolers, it never began...
today, i found them--scattered across my kids' bedroom.
i now know:
"what" my organic quick oats
"where" their bedroom
"why" pure enjoyment and seeing the look on my face
but i have yet to discover "who" and "when" might be better if i don't find out the "who"

me: "god is in your heart, and always with you so nothing can hurt you!" r: "scissors can!!" k: "sharks can!!! but not dolphins."

r, while holding a whoopie cushion: "mommy, can you sit on this?" me: "no, i'm not really a farting-kind of girl" r: "how come?" me: "because i'm a lady!" k: "I AIN'T A LADY!!!!!"